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AFF48 Special Dance Caller

The Folk Festival is bringing up Lucy Salazar as our 2023 Guest Dance Caller!

Dance Caller - Lucy

Traditional dance caller Lucy Salazar will be coming to Juneau to teach the New Mexico Hispano folk dances that accompany Lone Piñon’s music. Lone Piñon frequently works with Lucy Salazar playing dances with groups in schools, workshops, and most importantly community bailes. Lucy was born in Agua Fria, New Mexico just south of Santa Fe. Her grandfather and father were both musicians who played at dances in the Santa Fe/Pecos area. She and her siblings grew up watching and dancing from the time they could walk. When her family moved to California they continued doing these dances in their kitchen. Over the years Lucy has continued to teach these dances in schools and the communities she has lived in. In reference to the dances, Lucy said, “They bring joy to my heart and am honored to share them with you.”

Dance at Home: "LA CAMILA"
Bailemos la Varsoviana