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Dance Schedule


Thursday Night, April 11 • JACC

7:00 to 7:50 The Jake Legs • Anchorage, Alaska • caller: Brian DeMarcus
Peter Johnson, George Sleichter, Laura Honkola, Johnse Ostman, Scott Norris
Do-si-do the one you know! These paperboys (and girl) deliver the news!
9:00 to 9:50 Sweet Sunny North (southern wing) • Port Townend, Washington • caller: Brian DeMarcus
Len Feldman, Katya Kirsch, Tom Heywood, Nancy Katz, Terry Weiner
Tasty old-time tunes to dance through snow, rain, and sun
10:10 to 11:00 The Outsiders • Juneau, Alaska • caller: Willi Carlisle Goehring
John Hatton, Chuck Dineen, Judy Lungren, Tom Paul, Brian Curtis
We're back! Old Time music from beyond the edge for square and contra dances..
11:20 to 12:10 Full Circle Contraband • Juneau, Alaska • caller: Tom Paul
Greg Burger, Mary DeSmet, Thomas Kauffman, Don Rudolph
New England and Celtic tunes for your balance and swing

Dance Emcee: Andy Miller

Friday Night, April 12 • JACC

7:00 to 7:50 Red Hoochie and the Tomcods • The Dalles, Oregon • caller: Odette Edgar
Bruce Schwartz, Terry Ohara, Brian Curtis, Heidi Kristenson
Rocking old time tunes from Ketchikan
8:10 to 9:00 Rumbleshack • Juneau, Alaska • caller: Tom Paul
Ian Putnam, Andy Ferguson, Abbey Janes, Jack Fontanella
Part Sugar Shack, part Rumblefish, this frankenstein ensemble is tuned up and ready to go!
9:20 to 10:10 Foghorn Stringband • Juneau, Alaska • caller: Brian DeMarcus
Sammy Lind, Caleb Klauder, Reeb Willms, Nadine Landry
10:30 to 11:20 Graceman • Franklin, Tennessee
Anna Graceman, Landon Graceman, Allie Graceman
Graceman's music incorporates elements of folk, soul, blues and rock.
11:40 to 12:30 The High Fives • Juneau, Alaska
Jacob Soboleff, Marcus Beckmann , Chris Gifford, Tim Ewing
Please come dance with us as we welcome our singer, Tim, back to Juneau, and our new drummer, Chris. Reggae Music with a bit of rock and blues.

Dance Emcee: Graham Judson

Saturday Night, April 13 • JACC

7:00 to 7:50 Njuzu Marimbas • Juneau, Alaska
Emma Eason, Emma Hatcher, Alisha Falberg, Becca Antanoplos, Deb Groves, Emily Kane, Matt O'Dell, Betsy Sims, Clay Good
Come one and all to dance to these highly infectious polyrhythms! A fantastic way to kick off your Saturday night :-)
8:10 to 9:00 Urbana Desert • Douglas , Alaska
Travis Croteau, Brandon Sivertsen , Dan Deslover, Ben Higden , Libby Stringer, Jesse Stringer
Back after 15 years, a local rock band is reborn.
9:20 to 10:10 Saving Oscar • Juneau, Alaska
Brit McKibben , Evan Rothfeld , Chris McKibben , Jeff Upton, Andy Joca
Rock, Alternative, Blues and Country covers guaranteed to get the crowd moving!
10:30 to 12:00 Los Texmaniacs • San Antonio, Texas
Max Baca, Josh Baca, Daniel Martinez, Noel Hernandez
Bringing conjunto grooves to Juneau!

Dance Emcee: Keira Alkema