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Notice - this is historic AFF data.

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2024 Concert Schedule

2019 Concert Schedule

  • If you have to cancel, please tell us as soon as you can so that we can place someone from the standby list.
  • If you are a performer with a name, description or band member change, please email us your change request.
  • If we goofed and scheduled you for a time you said you couldn't perform, let us know and we'll do our best to fix it.

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I understand AFF has about 34 acts on the standby list,
and couldn't possibly fit everyone in, but, but, but ...

Monday Evening, April 8 • Centennial Hall
6:30 PFLAG/Juneau Pride Chorus • Douglas, Alaska
Jacque Farnsworth, Kathleen Wayne, Jen Mannix, Bobbi Mitchell, Becky Bear, Joanne Gartenburg, Lorie Daniels, Meagan Nye, PaulaTerrel, Jean Findley, Leslie Wood, Rachel Zahnd, Pat White, Marianne Mills, Maureen Longworth, Christina Wallace, Jeanette St. George, Susan Lummis, Erika Partlow-Smith, Leah LaBar, LaRae Jones, Kim Kiefer, Marsha Buck, Joan Wilkerson, Apryle McVey, Brenda Overcast, Jane Andreen
The PFLAG Juneau Pride Chorus will sing songs about hope, courage and love.
6:45 Alaska Youth Choir • Juneau, Alaska
Juneau youth ages 6-18, under the direction of Rich Moore perform old and new classics.
7:00 Wiley's Coyotes • Boulder, Colorado
Tim Triggs , Zane Jones, Nate Wiley
Bluegrass with vocals and instrumentals including one original piece.
7:15 Hank Alrich • Greenville, California
Short set of engaging original songs.
7:30 Dads are back! • Juneau, Alaska
Joe Malinovsky, Tom Koester
Two of the original 1976 Grateful Dads reunite for some fond memories and some new tunes.
7:45 Carl Reese (Cold Distance) • Juneau, Alaska
Music tries to tell the truth more than anything else.
8:00 Interrobang • Juneau, Alaska
Nakenna, Zach, Zander, Isaac, Noah, Erin
Bringing the energy to the Folk Fest! Get ready!!
8:15 Deborah Wood • Juneau, Alaska
Piano & Vocals - Originals and Covers
8:30 Lost on C • Juneau , Alaska
Robert Bowles
Ukuleles and other instruments.
8:45 Most Dangerous Woman In America • Juneau, Alaska
Jon Hays, Patricia Hull
Patricia Hull and Jon Hays with selections from the one-woman musical MOTHER JONES IN HEAVEN, (performing at McPhetres Hall 4/11-4/21)
9:00 Jody Healy • Santa Cruz, California
Jody's debut CD 'Still Time' 17 original songs
9:15 Adam K • Juneau, Alaska
Solo act playing songs I’ve been practicing at the Alaskan open mic
9:30 Siblings & Outlaws • Juneau, Alaska
Lance Lawhorne, Rose Lawhorne, Zachary Lawhorne, Victor Banaszak, Ruth Banaszak, Alyssa Lawhorne, Erin Banaszak, John Unzicker
We’re playin’ for the harmonies!
9:45 Keith Robison • Covington, Washington
3 songs singing and self accompanied guitar
10:00 Eric Gebhardt • Fairbanks, Alaska
Performing original Acoustic songs from Alaska's golden heart, Eric's music falls somewhere between Jim Croce and The Moody Blues.

Emcee: Johanna Evans
Stage Manager: Andy Miller

Tuesday Evening, April 9 • Centennial Hall
6:30 Mini-fiddlers • Juneau, Alaska
Allison Blackwell, Bence Bury, Elizabeth Kim, Kaia Mangaccat, Lua Mangaccat, Milina Mazon, Riley Soboleff, Callie Stickel, Kate Stickel , Kaiden Trigg, Ysabel Wilson, Guo Hua Xia, Mei Xue
11 young violinists love playing fiddle, classical, and popular music! Instructed and led by Guo Hua Xia, we are excited to perform for our community!
6:45 Michael Truax • Juneau, Alaska
One for the Maestro
7:00 Mindy and Her Fishermen • Juneau , Alaska
Mindy Rowland, Stew Rowland , Chris Frary, John Hartle, Joe Emerson , Keith Heller
So many great songs so little time.
7:15 Dollhearts • Juneau, Alaska
Elle Z Rox, Kym Stover, Terri Gallant, Alan Nichols, Georgia Horton
Heavenly harmonies with fantastic guest stars.
7:30 Georgia O' Keith • Petersburg, Alaska
Georgia Horton, Keith Fremlin
Musical paintings with guitar and flute
7:45 Radio Flyers • Juneau, Alaska
Lake Bartlett, Finn Kesey, Aidan Kovach, Eli Crupi, Jack Schwarting
An 8th grade bluegrass band in its fourth year at the folk festival
8:00 Tom Begich and Sarah Sledge • Anchorage, Alaska
Tom and Sarah return to the Festival with original music and maybe with the support of the deep and talented pool of killer Legislative musicians.
8:15 Fiscal Notes • Dillingham , Alaska
Bryce Edgmon , Dave Talerico , Adam Wool
We might have to sing acappella because of budget cuts
8:30 Courtney & Gene Nelson • Juneau, Alaska
Courtney Nelson, Gene Nelson, C. Scott Fry, Jack Garton, Corey Hennessey, Steven Drake, Brendon Harley, Amrit Basi
Jazz Folk, Americana
8:45 Jacks In The River (JITR) • Juneau, Alaska
Doug DeMaster, Shannon DeMaster, Auguste Stiehr, Brandee Gerke, Andrzej Piotrowski, Wendy Hladick
Folk/rock/blues/island is our niche. We perform songs you should know and find the right balance between harmony and instrumentals. Ear candy you can't resist.
9:00 John Palmes • Juneau, Alaska
Intellect, humor, emotion, rhythm .... strong colors.
9:15 Matthew Lamb • Juneau, Alaska
I'd like to play and sing at least 2 original songs, along with another folk-style finger picking number.
9:30 Greg • Juneau, Alaska
Greg Pilcher, Greg Albrecht
Just a couple of Gregs, doin' what we do.
9:45 Earthen Vessel • Juneau, Alaska
Winston Smith, John Schauwecker, Viliame Verabasaga, Lisa Push, Ray Thibodeau, Jamey Young, Rich Mattson
Three original contemporary Christian songs.
10:00 Josh Fortenbery • Douglas, Alaska
Uptempo mumble folk featuring five-dollar words where a fifty-cent word would do. An existential crisis with flatpicking.

Emcee: Johnny Negotiable
Stage Manager: Monica Todden

Wednesday Evening, April 10 • Centennial Hall
6:30 Auke Bay Orca Singers • Juneau, Alaska
Orca Singers singing 2 short Folk/Gospel songs
6:45 Silvers • Juneau, Alaska
Noah Coleman, Genevieve Coleman, Dan Coleman
Noah (Age 9) and his sister Genevieve (age 6) and their Dad play a mix of traditional Irish and America folk music on violin, bodhran drum, and guitar.
7:00 Teresa Duncan • Dillingham, Alaska
Original homemade tunes!
7:15 Van Fleet and the Delivery Boys • Juneau, Alaska
Vicki Van Fleet, Jim Powell, Chris Meade, Terry Schwarz, Odin Brudie, Doug Powell
Featuring Vicki Van Fleet - Classic folk/rock. With Odin Brudie, bothers Jim & Doug Powell (straight from Northern NY), Terry Schwarz, Chris Meade, & friends
7:30 Miguel Rohrbacher • Douglas, Alaska
Back in Douglas, Back on the old time wagon.
7:45 Clam Soup • Juneau, Alaska
Alan "clam" Cleveland, Donnie " Thunderfoot" Wells, Kelly Flynn, Elle Z Rox, Woodsy Al Nichols, Billie Jo JimBob
HOT Juneau band with Great sounding original music
8:00 Costa's Recriminatory Condition • Juneau, Alaska
costa, DBridges, MStanley, JTaylor, TSchwarz, JMessing, APainter, Salissa T-Hole, Jocelyn SugarPie, Whatever other bats in the belfry show up
Atonement is at hand, we got a homegoing planned, and lest we forget: frivolity is the species’ refusal to suffer.
8:15 Joe Emerson and Friends • Juneau, Alaska
Joe Emerson, Chris Frary, Stew Roland, John Hartle
Folk Songs
8:30 Laura Greenleaf Chase • Portland, Oregon
It's a long road to freedom, it's a long road home. Sweet songs, sassy songs, folky feels - it's all for you, Juneau.
8:45 Shanks Mare • Juneau, Alaska
Ben Higdon, Greg Higdon, some friends
Songs from the Slough
9:00 Queens • Juneau, Alaska
Rashah McChesney, Taylor Vidic, Marian Call, Andria Budbill, Asia Ver, Cate Ross, Zoe Grueskin, Elizabeth Ekins, Jess Skiba, Wendy Byrnes
An a capella group of 10 female vocalists. We sing a mix of traditional and modern songs, with an original twist.
9:15 Chuzz • Juneau, Alaska
Charles Sidlinger, Chase Baldwin
We are a 2-piece instrumental performance that brings sweeping melodies and intriguing harmonies. We will perform 3 of our original works for guitar and bass.
9:30 Tramwreck • Gustavus, Alaska
Jamie Marks, Dave Kovach, Heidi Johnson, Bobby Jones, Colin Osterhout, TJ Lazar, Tania Lewis
15 minutes of rock & reel goodtimey truegrass
9:45 Rubato (from the Latin) • Auke Bay, Alaska
Phil Stewart
Covers, Originals
10:00 Garbage Bear • Juneau, Alaska
Wes Adkins, Charlie Kidd
Folk and Indie Covers sung with earnest because Juneau needs a band called Garbage Bear.

Emcee: Libby Stringer
Stage Manager: Sally Burch

Thursday Evening, April 11 • Centennial Hall
7:00 Annie Carlson • Cordova, Alaska
This Cordovan girl is back with her soulful voice and rhythmic guitar to sing some favorite tunes. Come listen to old covers and new originals!
7:15 Empty Oil Barrel Band • Douglas, Alaska
Ed Schoenfeld, Riley Woodford, Maggie Schoenfeld, Jon Pollard, Terry Schwarz
A new governor? A broken president? Oil revenue down? We've been doing this for decades and we never run out of material for parody and satire.
7:30 Dona & Dennis Townsend • Tacoma, Washington
Dona Townsend, Dennis Townsend
A few new tunes with a few new instruments!
7:45 Johnny Negotiable and the Concessions • Juneau, Alaska
Johnny Negotiable, June Carter Negotiable, Hardly Negotiable, Kiko Lune
The usual singing and strumming, picking and poking.
8:00 Los Texmaniacs • San Antonio, Texas
Max Baca, Josh Baca, Noel Hernandez, Daniel Martinez
From San Antonio, Texas, Los Texmaniacs will perform border music songs pulling styles from conjunto and tejano traditions.
8:45 Goldwing • Juneau, Alaska
Clay Good, Ben Higdon, Dan Desloover, Dan Kirkwood
Dad folk
9:00 Piano Guy Mike • BOI, Idaho
no other group members
Jazzy solo piano.
9:15 Snow Children • Douglas, Alaska
Bob Banghart, Georgia Stitt, Jason Robert Brown, Lynne Shankel, Joe Mowatt
Songs from the new musical Snow Child... a northern hybrid of Back-porch and Broadway... think Mabel Carter meets Leonard Bernstein at Jack London’s house.
9:30 Michael Wittig • Juneau, Alaska
In 1980 Michael wrote the first lines of what became a series of gunfighter ballads. In 2015 he finished them.
9:45 Jeanie's Kitchen Band • Juneau, Alaska
Katie Henry, Hiram Henry, Sam Janata, Riley Woodford, Terry Schwarz
Songs from the Pat Henry song book
10:00 Michael Smith and Birgit Klafstadbakken • Eustis, Florida
Norway and Florida come together to Alaska to see old friends and sing for you at the Folk Festival
10:15 Budgerigars • Juneau, Alaska
Sage Zahnd, Rachel Zahnd
This mother-son duo is back with fun bird themed covers and sweet harmonies.
10:30 Curlie, Slim and Friends • Haines, Alaska
Burl Sheldon, Nancy Berland
Original acoustic folk and swing and a favorite Buddy tune.

Emcee: Collette Costa
Stage Manager: Kirsa Hughes-Skandijs

Friday Evening, April 12 • Centennial Hall
7:00 Will Putman • Fairbanks, Alaska
Original songs from somewhere near the edge of the middle of nowhere.
7:15 Horsenecks • Astoria, Oregon
Gabrielle Macrae, Barry Southern
Hard-hitting and heartfelt old time and classic bluegrass music.
7:30 Landbridge Tollbooth Lite • Nome, Alaska
Jim Dory, Carol Gales, Mike Rutledge, Anahma Shannon
Old-time music distilled in a gold rush saloon in Nome.
7:45 Sérge le Magnifique avec M. Nate • Auke Bay, Alaska
Sergei Morosan, Nate Willimason
Tunes of the year!!!
8:00 Buffleheads • Nome, Alaska
Dave Coler, Ian McRae, Sarah Hansen
Nome-flavored original tunes
8:15 Isaac Woods • Anchorage, Alaska
Nobody else thought this was more important than school, so I came alone.
8:30 Eight days on the Playa • Juneau, Alaska
Mike Paddock, Shane Paddock
We are wanna do 3 songs (Instrumental) Wolf Alice (BROS.) The Cure( PUSH) and Angels and Airwaves (The ADVENTURE).
8:45 Chris Thompson & Friends • Anchorage, Alaska
Chris Thompson, Rolfe Buzzell, Harrison Jennings, Rebecca Bingham
Original Chris Thompson compositions, produced and supported by a talented group of Alaska professional musicians, and depict love, loss, and Alaska's grandeur.
9:00 Linnae Neyman • Federal Way, Washington
Fast and slow oldtime, Irish, bluegrass fiddle tunes, and maybe a showtune medley. They are pretty short, no lyrics and verses.
9:15 Jonathan Bower • Anchorage, Alaska
Jonathan Bower, Silas Hoffman
Jonathan Bower is a singer-songwriter based in Anchorage, AK. He released his third album, Light Years, in 2018, and recently began working on its follow-up.
9:30 Arthur Cothary • Belfair, Washington
Original finger picked guitar in standard, alternate, and open tunings. May close this time with a vocal.
9:45 The Young, the Old, and the Restless • Juneau, Alaska
Lindsay Clark, Greg Burger, Thomas Kauffman, Don Rudolph
Bluegrass inspired Roots Music, High energy fiddle and heartfelt vocals
10:00 Highlanders • Douglas, Alaska
Andy Joca, Chuck Sidlinger, Zane Jones, Chase Baldwin, Margie McWilliams
Coming to you all the way from Highland Avenue with upbeat Americana tunes and a pop twist.
10:15 Airport Strangers • Juneau, Alaska
Taylor Vidic, Cody Russell, Jack Lienhard
Born out of the Juneau Airport, these two use big vocals with saucy harmonies and strong guitar work to bring you a mix of originals and covers.
10:30 Teri Tibbett • Juneau, Alaska
10:45 Musk Ox Ramblers • Sitka, Alaska
Claire Sanchez, Devin Tatro
11:00 Sisters of White Chapel • Juneau, Alaska
Annie Bartholomew, Kat Moore, Arkadi Futerman, Willi Carlisle, Marian Call
Back from Whitehorse, Annie Bartholomew performs new music about women during the Klondike Gold Rush with amazing friends

Emcee: Kirsa Hughes-Skandijs
Stage Manager: Reber Stein

Saturday Afternoon, April 13 • Centennial Hall
12:00 Grayscale • Juneau , Alaska
John Ingalls, Rubin Youst, Amy O'Neill Houck, John Lager
Music that takes you to a French café, a Street corner in Cuba or a Brazilian Cantina.
12:15 Andy Miller • Juneau, Alaska
New songs about Thane, the Back Loop, and possibly Douglas
12:30 ó Thuaidh (o HU-ah) • FAIRBANKS, Alaska
Erin Tilly, Lynn Basham, Pat Webb, Christopher Benkhe, And friends!
A fine group of friends from many corners, playing trad Irish tunes and enjoying life.
12:45 Bodhi Nelson • Juneau, Alaska
Bodhi Nelson has something for all generations
1:00 Floyd Dryden Choir Club 'Voices of Alaska' • Juneau, Alaska
Missouri Smyth, Jacque Farnsworth, 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Students
'Voices of Alaska', under the artistic direction of Missouri Smyth, will sing for you songs of hope, unity, peace, and love.
1:15 Hawaiian Hillbilly • Mercer Island, Washington
Mark Gaponoff
A mix of old-time fiddle and Hawaiian music and song with fiddle.
1:30 Bryan Graceland • juneau, Alaska
Contemporary gospel singer/guitarist
1:45 David Moore • Juneau, Alaska
Performing original and rock/folk classics.
2:00 Ken Waldman & The Secret Visitors • Anchorage, Alaska
Alaska's Fiddling Poet & Pals (and will include a poem for Pat Henry)
2:15 Willi Carlisle • Fayetteville, Arkansas
Forged in the fire of Ozark oldtime music, Carlisle’s musical stories hoot, stomp, and saunter through joys and troubles uniquely southern and timelessly true.
2:30 Valley Below • Fairbanks, Alaska
Caitlin Frye, George Gianakopoulus, Jeremiah Bakken
Sometimes sweet, sometimes saucy, original, passionate, raw tunes born from the great melting pot of American music.
2:45 Lost Lakers • Fairbanks, Alaska
Karen J Foote, Tim Foote, George Gianakopoulos
Original Alaskana Americana
3:00 River People • Craig, Alaska
Sally Burch, John Bruns, Brian Curtis
Keepin' Live Music Alive in's all just folk music!
3:15 Nicole Swenson • Anchorage, Alaska
A few short songs by idols like Guy Clark sung by a gal with some pretty-alright vocals! If we're lucky, a some other Swensons will join in.
3:30 Old Man Hunger • Fairbanks, Alaska
Scott Crass, Drew Frick
Upbeat music with some real dark meaning. Cold brewed gothic country from Fairbanks.

Emcee: Dennis Townsend
Stage Manager: Jamie Karnik

Saturday Evening, April 13 • Centennial Hall
7:00 Frail Away Ladies • Gustavus, Alaska
Ellie Sharman, Kate Boesser, Katya Kirsch, Nene Wolfe, Sally Donaldson, Kathy Fanning, Amy Lockwood, Devin Tatro, Sally Burch, Heidi Kristenson, Erin Tilly
11 women, 11 banjos, 7 towns, 3 sweet tunes.
7:15 Fireweed Fiddle • Ester, Alaska
Rachel DeTemple, Tara Chrisman, TBA
Original Americana
7:30 M&M • Juneau, Alaska
Melanie Brown, Marcus Beckmann, TBD
A few reggae music covers
7:45 Radiophonic Jazz • Juneau, Alaska
Chris Talley, Arias Hoyle
A Juneau-based Hiphop Duo doing originally produced, and written work. RnB, Old School Hiphop Beats, and smooth lyrics that they've written together.
8:00 Ninja Dog • Auke Bay, Alaska
Cadence A. Ward, Ward F. Ward
Enjoy the music stylings of Ninja Dog, featuring 12-year-old singer-songwriter Cadence A. Ward. This set is dedicated to all dogs and dog lovers!
8:15 Raven Call • Fairbanks, Alaska
Carol Indorf, Rohan Weeden, Leif Thompson, Ryan Bowers
We are a contra band, but peck at musical scraps from everywhere. Original instrumentals, crooked tunes mixed from 20th century Quebec and 15th century Cyprus.
8:30 Robin Hopper • Chugiak, Alaska
The Anchorage Daily news called Robin’s music “as warm and comforting as a favorite sweater.”
8:45 Fiona Rose & Rosalind Gael • Anchorage, Alaska
Seasoned Vaudevillian Fiona Rose is joined by Kid Sister, Rosalind Gael. What could go right? Prepare to fall in love - we play music real good and sing, too.
9:00 Bryson Evans • Chehalis, Washington
Original country/americana singer songwriter, for the sake of the song.
9:15 Burnt Down House • Homer, Alaska
Angela Brock, Katie Klann , Geddy Miller, Josh Kennedy, Dylan Weiser
Really Bluegrass and True Country from Homer, Alaska. And we all sing!
9:30 George Kuhar • Juneau, Alaska
How many guitar players does it take to screw in a light bulb?
9:45 Harmiddler Brothers • Seattle, Washington
Grant Dermody, Bob-o Bell, Bob Banghart
Where bow, breath and banjo meet.
10:00 Shoot Dangs! • Anchorage, Alaska
Tim Johnson, Johnny Lungs, Hannah Corral, Leah Moraes
High energy, raw, all original acoustic music. A style we like to call “blueCrass”
10:15 Marian Call • Juneau, Alaska
Marian Call, TBA
Juneau singer-songwriter Marian Call wrote you some new music, and she hopes you like it.
10:30 Sarah C Hanson & The Huzzband • Petersburg, Alaska
Sarah , Philip Hofstetter , Dave Coler, Ian McRae
I am excited to be reunited with jam friends from Nome and accompanied my Huzzband. We had to borrow a broom locally.
10:45 Caitlin Warbelow and Chris Ranney • New York, New York
Caitlin and Chris leave their posts as musicians on Broadway's 'Come From Away' in order to head north and play all manner of tunes for you on fiddle and piano
11:00 Hizel and the Jay Birds • Juneau, Alaska
Giselle Miller, Clairen Stone, Matt Kern, David Reed, Christina Vasquez
The Stone Sisters reunite on the Juneau stage, along with some fine, folky, feathered friends.

Emcee: Miguel Rorhbacher
Stage Manager: Rose Evans

Sunday Afternoon, April 14 • Centennial Hall
12:00 JAMM • Juneau, Alaska
Auke Bay JAMM Students, Riverbend JAMM Students, Glacier Valley JAMM Students
After school 3rd-5th grade JAMM students from Auke Bay, Glacier Valley, and Riverbend schools
12:15 Master Knob • Juneau, Alaska
Brad Moschetti, Gregory Melis
2 member ensemble with guitars and banjo
12:30 That Ukulele Lady • Eagle River, Alaska
Wendy Luft
3 original songs of family. Heartache, embarrassment, love
12:45 Tuesdays • Auke Bay , Alaska
Taeyang Hassin, Ward F. Ward, Todd Vierra
An eclectic fusion of pop rock music with folksy sensibilities. Sure to please your sonic palette.
1:00 Hot Toddys • Juneau, Alaska
Reid Tippets, Rhonda Gardnier, Amy Houke, Heidi Johnson , Sherri McDonald , Johnny Lager
Old friends playing stringed instruments and drinking Hot Toddys! Playing Ukulele tunes from the past to the present.
1:15 Cat Plaza • Juneau, Alaska
Patrick Klacza
Cat Plaza combines witty, observational lyricism with primitive guitar playing.
1:30 Libby and Jesse Stringer • Douglas, Alaska
15 minutes of fiddle tunes with a twist
1:45 Jim DiGennaro • Sitka, Alaska
Bring the kids up front for this one! Jim sings some old favorites plus his own song about the dogs we love and what they would say to us if they could talk.
2:00 Yard Signs • Juneau, Alaska
Summer Koester, Tom Koester
Commenting on local and world affairs with originals and an old favorite.
2:15 Susan Warner • Gustavus, Alaska
Songs for Pat
2:30 Baker Sisters • Portland, Oregon
Leandra Baker, Teresa Baker
Our Alaska musical reunion, playing Irish traditional tunes.
2:45 Juneau Sea Monsters • Juneau, Alaska
Stacy Unzicker, Angel Arranda-Jackson, Maisy Messing, Amara Murray, Yetke Mertl, Valerie Peimann, Linnea Bush, Lyra Culbreth, Maggie Fairchild, Sophia Orsborn, Guy Unzicker, Andrew Madsen
Have you ever felt like some songs usher in the Spring or tuck you in during the Fall? Us too! That's why we have a song for every season. Which is which?
3:00 Jayden West and Dylan Hulbert • Juneau , Alaska
Guitar and violin Instumental Compositions
3:15 John Anderson • Warren, Oregon
Stories you would tell. Songs you would sing.
3:30 Hank and the Triple A's • Sitka, Alaska
Alex Baynes, Allen Madigan, Avery Voron, Hank Moore
Country funk performance - three songs we can do in 8 minutes they are originals(1) I'm Goin Fishin (2) Fun In The Rain (3) Sitka

Emcee: Robert Bowles
Stage Manager: Phyllis Scott

Sunday Evening, April 14 • Centennial Hall
7:00 Geoff Kirsch Experience Experiment Projeqt feat. Margie McWilliams • Juneau, Alaska
Margie McWilliams
More of the project for you to experience and experiment with. Coming to you in the most eye-popping ultra-HD available (that being real life)!
7:15 Justin Smith • Gustavus, Alaska
Escapist acoustic guitar music...
7:30 Kim Beggs • Whitehorse, Yukon
Sincere, vulnerable, clear eyed and tough, Yukon's Kim Beggs delivers a heartfelt darkness in a beautiful back woods, beat driven performance.
7:45 Leo Tango • Juneau, Alaska
Kaila Buerger, Ryan Cortes, Trever Held, And Anchorage Friends
-1 cup passion-2 bolts of lighting& a dash of salt
8:00 A Quiet Light • Douglas, Alaska
Dan DeSloover, Sarah Shaddy-Farnsworth, Ben Higdon
There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.
8:15 Sarah Hamilton • Whitehorse, Yukon
A few original country swing songs by the Yukon’s own Sarah Hamilton
8:30 Improbabillies • Homer, Alaska
Grant Dermody, Forrest Gibson, Scott Meyer
Country blues and old time music meet in a dark alley.
8:45 Meat Cake Stringband • Juneau, Alaska
Erin Heist, Andrew Heist, Conor McManamin, Jay Marivn, Carter Bancroft
Hearty and delicious traditional old time and bluegrass tunes to satisfy even the pickiest musical carnivore.
9:00 Los Texmaniacs • San Antonio, Texas
Max Baca, Josh Baca, Noel Hernandez, Daniel Martinez
From San Antonio, Texas, Los Texmaniacs will perform border music songs pulling styles from conjunto and Tejano traditions.

Emcee: Andy Kline
Stage Manager: Emily Kane