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Alaska Folk Festival (AFF) Facts

FREE! There is no admission charge to any concert, dance, workshop or other event. Performers are not paid
(one exception)
AFF encourages and supports non-professional musicians as well as professionals. There are no auditions, Anyone can submit an application to perform on the main stage.
AFF is completely supported by donations and volunteers like you!  Become a member today! One guest artist act is selected each year. This is the only paid act. People travel year after year to Juneau for AFF from all over the state, country and world to celebrate this fun event. Dances usually happen on Thu., Fri., and Sat. and workshops on Sat. and Sun.
Selection for a 15 minute main stage performance set is mostly by availability and chance. Performer and volunteer applications are sent to all members around the end of January. They will also be available here on this website. For more information, browse this website. Receive our newsletter by joining AFF . Each concert has about 15 acts and lasts about 4 hours. Evening concerts start at 7pm and weekend afternoon ones at 12pm.
AFF is the oldest and largest festival of its kind in Alaska. see Everything and More AFF happens only once a year, usually in April and lasts 7 days. See Future Dates. History
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