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Workshop Schedule


Saturday Workshops

Main Stage

Sat. 10 - 11:30AM

Learn how to use the stage equipment, mics, monitors, to your best advantage as a performer.

Hammond Room

Hickel Room

Egan Room

Sheffield Ballroom

Cultural Center (JACC)


Sacred Harp Singing

Lynn Basham, Charley Basham

Where bluegrass meets Gregorian chant.
Beginning Ukelele

Amy Houck, Rhonda Jenkins-Gardiner

learn to play songs on your ukulele
Scottish/Irish Fiddling

Shonti Elder

Learn techniques and tunes
Family Concert

Geoff Kirsch

Geoff Kirsch, Margie McWilliams, Julie Coppens, the Woosh.ji.een Dance Group led by Lyle and Kolene James
English Country Dance

Odette Edgar

A selection of easy but classic English country dances, with exquisite live music by the Earl Grey English Dance Band. All dances taught & called.


History & Basics of Bowed Psaltry

Dennis Townsend

history, basics, and hands-on practice
Fingerpicking Blues Guitar

Pat Henry

Learn to play and sing some blues tunes
3-Finger Old Time Banjo

Jason Romero - Guest Artist

We'll focus on some old finger style banjo tunes I have come to love, including choose the key to sing in, finding the right banjo tuning (and its importance in getting the right sound) and how everything fits together when accompanying you
Couple Dance

John Laskey

Live music with experienced dancers to help others improve
Zimbabwean Marimbas

Betsy Sims, Njuzu Marimba band members

Come learn a song on the marimbas! Ages 10 and up. No previous experience necessary. Limited to 20 participants.


Beginning Songwriting

Andy Miller

Introduction to songwriting, including basic music theory and simple tricks of the trade.
Flatpicking Guitar

Will Putman

Vocal Skills Building

Pharis Romero - Guest Artist

Let's take time to build up your singing skills in breathing, tone, projection and range. You'll find new freedom and confidence to explore and develop your own voice while we learn a couple beautiful old songs to practice your new skills
Instrument Swap

Transcendent Transitions

Susan Michel - Guest Caller

How to make your dancing smooth, horizontal, and Zen...learn the little moments between the figures that can create a magic dance


Cajun Workshop

Nadine Landry, Sammy Lind

A condensed history of Cajun music, a few different examples of styles then it's hands on...and feet! We'll teach a song and the basics of the Cajun two-step and waltz. Bring your instruments and your dancing shoes!
Intermediate Blues Harmonica

Grant Dermody

Moving beyond single notes and chords to tongue blocking, bending, and improvising over blues forms. PLEASE BRING A KEY OF A HARMONICA
Old Time Fiddle Workshop

Josh Rabie - Guest Artist

We will focus on cross tuning in G and A and work on some easy tunes that really drive. We will practice important double stop positions in standard tuning that can be used up the neck to play in alternate keys.
Instrument Swap

Family Square Dance

Caroline Oakley

Square Dance for all ages

Sunday Workshops

Hammond Room

Hickel Room

Egan Room

Sheffield Ballroom


Concertinas: the ins and outs

Len Feldman

discussion, troubleshooting, anatomy and physiology of this fascinating little squeezebox
Old Time Backup Guitar

John Hatton

The three strums necessary to play old time backup guitar. Some theory then playing.
Duet Singing

Pharis Romero, Jason Romero - Guest Artists

We'll go over the process of bringing a duet song to life, including choosing the song, the keys, the stack (who sings what part),and the arrangement. We'll use a few songs to demonstrate how different choices affect the blend of the voices


Harmony Singing

John Palmes

Learn how to make up harmony vocals. Even non-singers can find a useful part. Some basic music theory is demonstrated as we feel the chord changes and improvise 3 parts. Teachers should find this approach useful and are urged to participate
Electric Guitars and Gear

Riley Woodford, Terry Schwarz

Not a guitar lesson, but a look at electric guitars and gear. What's up with amps, effects, all those knobs and switches, pick-ups, stomp boxes, whammy bars and pedal boards. For players and non-players.
Old-Time Fiddle and Banjo

Tony Holmquist, Brendan Shafer

This workshop will focus on old-time fiddle and clawhammer banjo techniques. the workshop will mostly cover fiddle tunes and how to use techniques when playing in the fiddle/banjo duet.
Dances of Universal Peace

Leah Labar

Simple meditative dances for all, no experience necessary


Introduction to Brazilian choro

Gus Hollingsworth and Steve Luteman

Choro is a living tradition in Brazil. We will learn three choros. Sheet music provided.
Piedmont Fingerstyle Guitar

Burl Sheldon

learn to play piedmont style songs
Fiddle Chords

John Palmes

Fiddle as a rhythm instrument, play chords not the tune, play along with recordings... makes practicing fun.
Bitchin' Dances

Susan Michel - Guest Caller

A workshop providing a safe environment to talk about pet peeves and group buboos using a suggestion box and uses humor, dance games, and great flowing squares and contras to work thru our differences


Old Time Tunes jam

Tom Paul, Jack Fontanella

Share, play, and talk about a variety of old time fiddle tunes. Group will choose favorites to play or ones they'd like to work on.
Introduction To Guitar Open Tunings

Tracy Spring

We'll play simple (and a few less simple) arrangements of well-loved songs in several commonly used open tunings, such as DADF#AD (open D), DGDGBD (open G) and DADGAD. If you have a glass or metal slide, bring it!
Gypsy Jazz Guitar

John Lager

Learn Gypsy Jazz chords and songs
Songwriting 101

Monica Lettner

theory, techniques, and tricks of the trade