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How to Make Your Festival Video!

Alaska Folk Festival is absolutely thrilled to partner with Tune Supply to allow you all to be a part of the music from afar! We're so excited to see and hear all the music that's going on this year!

Please watch this entertaining video (featuring fiddler Louise Bichan) for information on how to record your sets for our online mainstage broadcast. It's *very important* that you understand the submission process and recording requirements *before* you start recording! You can also reference (THE PDF) for written instructions, if that's more your thing.

    There are two types of recording! Please pick which you'll be doing before proceeding:
  1. Local Recordings (LRs) are recordings done in one physical space. For example, you're recording solo...or you're recording with your band all in the same space (be safe, please!)
  2. Remote Recordings (RRs) are a little more tech-heavy, but still doable, and these are our specialty! Use this option if you want to perform at AFF with friends who are not in the same physical place. For example, you live in Juneau, and you want to record with your friend who is in Fairbanks.

Email Tune Supply ( with any questions...preferably before you start recording. We don't want to have to ask anyone to re-record, that's the worst! But we want to make sure the 2021 AFF Mainstage performances are a top-quality online production. So to help us in that endeavor, make sure you understand the guidelines before starting!

Two links are referenced in the video:
-The AFF Google Form. Please submit this form before you send us your files! ONE submission per performance, please.
-The AFF Dropbox Link. This is where you'll upload your file(s) once complete.

Have fun, and "see" you at AFF 2021!
-The AFF and Tune Supply teams

The tunes live here.​

This video was recorded by Louise Bichan, fiddler/photographer extraordinaire! Check out her work and music here:​